Marshall Lorenzo
Creative Director
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- Logo Update
- Pallette
- Positioning
- Messaging
- Type
- Motion
- Iconography
- Launch campaign


          Being an inspiring artist is both a noble pursuit and prestigious accomplishment apparently. The new slogan—Few Can Do What You Do—
                         is about acknowledging this greatness; the greatness of those who have chosen to pursue their dreams by working in a creative industry. To empower visual artists, and to celebrate their uniqueness. Because we are all so very unique?  ◯


Nice cool wow ╮
“a cool-looking wordmark that is a perfect fit for the creative audience“ - Brand New

Ya baby
Ya baby
Ya baby

        ⏌The ‘hook’  so to speak was to poke fun of the truism, that we all think we’re hot shit. We’re designers, illustrators, artists, creatives—our noses couldn’t be higher.

         Creative direction on full visual language, type, motion, color layout, tone ⸑etc

The ReBrand* campaign included a series of 00:59 second humorous spots showcasing our very important talents, like Zipline modeling.

In conjuction ⌢
we launched a live chatbot featuring an ⚕ ART DOCTOR who could diagnose what kind of ⌈ART PERSON⌉ you were 

︎ Watch Illustrators
︎ Watch Designers
︎ Watch Artists
︎ Watch Fashion Models
︎ Watch Photographers
“Having never heard of Format before, even though they have been around for almost seven years, this has certainly made me take notice” -